Welcome! I’m Dr. Tracey Wright, chiropractor, yoga instructor, world traveller, self-care lover, and radical manifester.

For years, my dream was to take my love of chiropractic and vitalistic self-care practices out of the office and into the world. Today, I am living my dream of being able to travel and share my gifts with individuals and communities all over the globe! It makes me beyond happy to facilitate others in discovering the most vibrant life in alignment with their greater purpose.

Through chiropractic, group, and one-on-one coaching, I have the privilege of working with people on the verge of taking a leap, who want more vitality, who realize that they are here on this planet to share their gifts in a mighty way, who are passionate about taking amazing care of themselves or who are ready to know more of what that means.

Whether reading the Globalivity blog, receiving coaching via Skype in your own kitchen, or taking a service trip in Jamaica, join me!

There’s never been a better time to be live as vibrantly as you deserve to!!!

About Globalivity

Globalivity came to me when I asked the Universe how I was meant to share my gifts with the world. Livity is a word I learned in Jamaica during my first years as a chiropractor. When I asked local Jamaicans what the word meant, I always got varied responses, all that rang true to my heart.

Livity is:

Love. Life. Loving others the way you love yourself. A way of living that allows for a greater quality of life. Living life in a spiritually connected and pure way that is guided from within. To live upright!

Globalivity is:

Applying the principles of livity not just to ourselves and loved ones, but to our entire community and the larger world. Changing first from within, we can then share our gifts in a way that brings vitality to the world.

Pretty deep, huh?

It all comes down to this:

Love yourself.
Love the world.
Be soulfully guided and ultra vibrant.
Share your gifts.
Self-Care and Service.

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