Client Love

 Client raves and testimonials 


“Tracey brings an infusion of Transformational Light to whatever she does. My sessions with her kept my system open and ready to move in new ways. Her input provided more openings to the depth of myself and was an essential part of me expanding my business to a whole new level. I would highly recommend Tracey in whatever capacity you are able to experience her work!”

Jody Soltau Mountain, Maui, Hawaii


“Dr. Tracey absolutely changed my life. When I met her I was young and ambitious, but completely scattered with my thoughts and actions. I wanted so much to be of use to this world but wasn’t exactly sure how to do just that, so I was wearing myself thin, working multiple meaningless jobs, and having a hard time connecting with my intuition. I worked in the same building as Dr. Tracey. She kept saying that she would love to see me on one of her tables one day, and I kept telling her ”nothing is wrong with me”. But as the days passed I watched babies show up screaming to her office and leave content and happy… and I saw countless “normal looking” people come down her stairs looking blissful
and energized. Finally I decided I would give it a try.

I don’t think it was a coincidence that my first adjustment with Dr. Tracey was on 08.08.08, an auspicious day indeed, because her beautiful loving touch changed my entire world in ways I never imagined possible. By seeing her once a week I walked around with more clarity and joy on a daily basis. I was nicer, treated myself and others better, and had much more self-esteem. I found a deep level of trust both in myself and in the world. I was able to physically live a very active lifestyle (including teaching cardio kickboxing) without any discomfort or injuries, and slept more soundly. On a higher level, I was able to deeply connect with my inner guidance, which allowed me to both recognize and then manifest my true desires in life – a well-paying, fulfilling job, a deeply loving and meaningful relationship, and eventually my son.

Under Dr. Tracey’s care, I was encouraged to expand and shine. Her hands are healing, but I believe that it is her heart that makes her such an incredible practitioner – she truly does care about each of the individuals she works on, and that makes all the difference. With her guidance I began to follow my heart and move toward my dreams without so much doubt, and for that I am eternally grateful, as it has had an effect on not just me, but everyone I interact with. Dr. Tracey is truly a gem, and I am so grateful for her shining presence in my life!”

-Haley Callahan, Maui, Hawaii

“Tracey has had an incredible impact on my life. She has helped me acknowledge the intelligence of my body on many levels. She was my light at the end of the tunnel during my difficult first labor. I remember locking eyes with her, we had met only days before, and her telling me that I was powerful and I could do it. It was so easy to believe her and really feel that, yes, I was powerful, and I was ready to birth my baby. 
Regular adjustments throughout my second pregnancy allowed me to really tune into myself and my growing baby. Her adjustments were subtle and gentle but very empowering. I feel that the regular adjustments facilitated my speedy second labor and delivery. I was blessed to have her at the births of both of my children. 
Her love for people and for her work is apparent everyday in all she does. I am forever grateful to not only have her as a chiropractor, but a lifelong friend and sister.”
Diana Richmond – Ashland, Oregon



“I was a client of Dr. Wright’s when she lived on Maui. I am a combat veteran with PTSD, TBI and continuing lower back pain at the SI joint. She was my Doctor for a period of several years until she moved. At one point for a year we met weekly for a dedicated one hour appointment with just her and I. Dr. Wright helped me move through the combination of PTSD depression and back pain using weekly sessions of talk therapy and body adjustments. Her advice on ‘letting go of the past’, forgiveness and belief in a higher power who can heal us brought much relief for me. We would occasionally meet away from her office in a more natural setting to address what she felt would help me. Once we went for a hike beside a small stream and sat to talk over her thoughts on directions that would help me the most. Dr Wright frequently suggested books, audio cd’s and computer video sites to me, which were always perfect and inspirational. Most of all, I felt she cared for me and my family and wanted what was best for me. She helped me to acquire a BioMat to rest on. The Biomat is a FDA approved full length crystal healing pad, which I sleep on every night and has greatly improved the quality of my life. She still checks up on how I am, even though we are physically far apart. I consider her one of my most valued friends who still walks beside me in love, spirit and healing. I miss her.”
Bob Mikell – Maui, Hawaii



“Working with you has moved me along in my evolution more than I have ever imagined. The way you live your life is an example to others about what’s possible. You are so Free and so Connected.”
Debra Mack – Maui, Hawaii




“I have had the good fortune to travel the world to study and share healing arts.  What happened when Tracey and I worked together changed my idea of how two healers can put there magic and loving intention into a patient.  Her skills are only shadowed by her connection to spirit and intuition.  Tracey has an ability to bring out the natural beauty in people from their spine to their speech to their way of being.  Anyone that is lucky enough to work with her will for sure validate what I am saying here. It is a blessing to find a healer that is as invested in her patients as she is invested in bringing good to the whole planet.  I am humbled by her continuous contributions to all beings!  Long live globalivity!!!”
Jason Nemer, co-founder of AcroYoga


“I feel both blessed and deeply grateful to have had the opportunity to meet and be adjusted by Dr. Tracey Wright. I started having lower back pain in my early thirties. At times, the pain would be so great that I would have trouble functioning with my daily activities, taking care of my family and walking. I saw several doctors who prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs and pain medications (vicodin). That was their solution and for a time, I bought into the idea that this was as good as it’s going to get. I felt broken and powerless over my health and wellbeing.

My first chiropractic experience came after I spent several days in the hospital due to the severity of my back pain. I was unable to walk. A friend had suggested I try a chiropractor and I did. My husband had to drive me there and help me in the office. This began my journey of taking my health and wellbeing into my own hands. After several x-rays, I was informed that due to birth defects and bone abnormalities, a curve in my spine existed and there was no cure. But chiropractic adjustments could provide relief from the pain.

I have seen and been adjusted by several chiropractors since then, but it wasn’t until I meet Dr. Tracey that I felt that not just my spine was being adjusted, but that my whole being was experiencing a shift in awareness. Not only was my physical form being adjusted, but my emotional, spiritual and ethereal bodies were also opening up to allow for positive changes to occur, giving me the opportunity to feel whole, and bloom where I was planted. I had begun to let go of the idea that there was something wrong with my body and began having tremendous gratitude for all it did for me. I began feeling empowered and adopting habits that were good for me while allowing the bad ones to fall away. Since seeing Dr. Tracey, I no longer take any anti-inflammatory or prescription drugs.
Dr. Tracey’s enthusiasm, joy, love and passion for life are contagious and this reflects in her deep caring and compassion for those she serves and the chiropractic work she provides.”
Connie Castillo-Walsh – Maui, Hawaii