I lost 10 pounds, shed emotional baggage, and felt the best ever… this is Amy’s story

by Dr Tracey on March 31, 2015

I have the hardest time putting into words the work I do and the transformation that we feel (clients and myself) when we go through the process of cleansing.

The most recent Caribbean Cleanse was one of the best weeks of my life and I saw people truly change their lives over the course of just 7 days.

You met Amy, my behind the scenes guru, when I was hosting The Caribbean Cleanse and she asked me if she could share her story with you. I thought this was a great idea since I saw her change right before my eyes and no one can explain her transformation better than Amy herself.
So here’s Amy to share her very personal experience….

Hey Globalivity community!

Amy here with quite the story to tell. When Tracey was planning this year’s Caribbean Cleanse, I knew I wanted to go and be a part of it, but mainly because I just wanted to experience Jamaica.

What I didn’t know was that I would also experience one of the best weeks of my life, feeling the best I’ve EVER felt, plus truly changing my life. WHOA! 

Everything about this experience felt calm, relaxing, and nourishing. The food, yoga, self-care, adjustments, BioMat, essential oils – it was all there to simply support me in gently yet powerfully changing whatever needed to be changed.

I’m pretty healthy in general as I don’t eat meat, love lots of green salads, and am a devoted yogi and currently training for a half marathon. So quite frankly, I was shocked at the amount of difference I felt in my body while in Jamaica! Totally shocked!

I never once was hungry. I felt completely nourished and satisfied all week. Plus I truly felt like my body was functioning at it’s absolute best.

And the end of the week provided plenty of evidence – I had lost 10 lbs, the belly bloat was gone, I was flaunting my bikini body, and finally felt truly at home in my body.

It was kind of the craziest thing! And yet makes total sense when I think about it. Tracey had been telling me for over a year that the key to true self-love and an amazing relationship with our bodies was to get clean, clear, and connected. And on the surface I understood what she meant. I kind of got the idea.

But then I went and experienced it and realized that to truly understand how powerful it is, it’s simply something that has to be experienced and felt. Words are simply not good enough.

Something else shifted for me in Jamaica – I let go of a ton of emotional baggage and shame. And this is one of those things that you don’t even realize is happening until you look back after the fact and go “WOW, I let it all go!”

I wasn’t completely aware that I had that much to let go of. Again, I’m very self-aware, pretty healthy, and devoted to personal growth and a strong spiritual practice. Yet again, I was surprised by the transformation! All from getting clean, clear, then connected.

I’m truly blown away by what Tracey has created. She hasn’t left out a thing and is so passionate about the process and transformation that is possible for all of us. I got to witness her in action and I’m forever changed because of it. 

WIth my new level of confidence and acceptance around my body, I’ve seen quite the influx of men (hello!), feel a deeper connection with my girlfriends, and feel more on purpose than ever in my business. Not to mention the fact that I’m sharing photos with you of me in a bikini! That would’ve never happened before this experience.

It really is true that the body is a gateway to our goals and living out our desires. 

After experiencing how my body felt in Jamaica, it’s easier for me to make conscious choices in my daily life, keep myself healthy, and focus on my self-care.

It was truly one of the BEST experiences of my life! 

Thanks for letting me share and I hope you are inspired to focus on your own self-care and continuing to understand how to be better connected to your body. You are certainly in the right place to learn!

I’m happy to chat, share, and answer any questions you may have about my experience.

You can leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to respond.

Love and light,

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