Jamaica Rocked!

by Dr Tracey on July 17, 2013


It has almost been a month since the Globalivity Self-Care and Service Retreat ended. Each time I have sat down to write about it to share with you, there haven’t been any words that come through me.  What I can say that it was by far one of my favorite weeks since graduating chiropractic school 9 years ago.

 The first time I came to Jamaica was about 12 years ago. The purpose if the trip was to rest and relax from my busy school schedule, and to serve chiropractic for free to people throughout the community. That trip change my life in a huge way, and began my long love for Jamaica and her people. It was also during that  trip at I felt my Spirit being healed by the natural elements of the islands, the fresh vibrant foods, and the Spirit of Jamaica. It was at this time that I envisioned one day bringing groups of people to serve chiropractic throughout Jamaica in a humanitarian way.

“Loving others in the ways in which you love yourself”  is my favorite definition of livity. And sharing it globally is the vision I have for the world and how Globalivity was born. The Globalivity Self-Care and Service Retreat was for sure the beginning of a beautiful offering. Stay tuned for future dates and upcoming trips. In the meantime, below, I have asked Steven, Sura, Cheryl, and Ariel to share with you, their experiences of the Globalivity Self-Care and Service Retreat.




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One of my last memories of my grandmother was eating a strawberry tart with her at Cafe Delphine. It was a warm summer evening and we sat outside, aglow in the day’s last splash of light. She kept mentioning how good the tart was. Looking back I realize she was really saying how filled her heart was with love; mine was too.

I recently had a whole week’s worth of that full and spacious love that is hard to put into words. I went to Jamaica on a mission trip to offer chiropractic care to the small community at Treasure Beach. And like all true giving, the amount I received felt like more than I gave. I was touched  by the easy going loving vibe of these island folk. Equally I was moved by the warmheartedness of my fellow chiropractors sharing our gifts together. One of the aspects of chiropractic care that I truly adore is that chiropractors touch people. We use our hands in an offering to help highlight what is best and most natural in people. To see someone get a glimpse of themajesty within themselves is indeed awesome. This trip was also about caring for ourselves and there were morning yoga classesoverlooking the ocean, a couple of beautiful aroma therapy sessionand each day we were nourished with three delicious and healthy meals.

Everything seemed to fall perfectly in place. Even from the start, on the two hour trip to Treasure Beach from the airport our driver pulled over and a elderly man, whose wide grin showcased the few teeth he had left, treated us to a hearty welcome as he offered us some”cool coconut jelly”. Upon arriving we met our trip leader, anexceptionally lovely being, she mentored us and supported us while making us feel like friends and colleagues. She inspired us by living her life and guiding the trip from a place of magic, abundance and love. After a supremely fulfilling day of giving care, we would spendleisurely dinners together, listening to the ocean, and repeatedly commenting on how delicious the coconut pie was.


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The inspiring Dr. Tracey Wright, Globalivity, and Jamaica will always hold a very special, unique place in my open, expanding heart. The bond created between the five of us Chiropractors and the community of Treasure Beach is strong, runs deep, and will last a lifetime. Dr. Tracey was able to create an experience that has affected all aspects of my being. I am caught between being tongue tied because there are no words to properly describe my experience and emotions, and feeling like I have so much to say I don’t know where to start. Tracey orchestrated an amazing blend of days of rewarding, love filled service with the local people of Treasure Beach intermingled with life changing moments of self-care, self-love, self-discovery, group connecting, bonding, and loads of fun and laughter.  The warmth and welcoming energy received from the abundantly grateful people of Treasure Beach was more than I expected and filled my heart and soul with enough love to last beyond forever. The five of us said we would show up to Jamaica with an open heart and mind ready to serve and that is exactly what we all did. The yoga, meditation, intention setting, clarity seeking, ocean swims, boat ride, communal meals, group bonding, dancing, and all of our conversations allowed for a magical bonding experience between all five of us and with myself!

Globalivity with its beautifully inspiring guide and mentor Dr. Tracey Wright is a mission trip I would highly recommend to anyone seeking an opportunity to serve to the highest power and give the healing gift of chiropractic while diving deeper into your own heart and soul to find peace, clarity, and motivation for your own evolving path with the opportunity to create life long bonds with other inspirational Chiropractors. I know I will be returning next year for Globalivity Jamaica 2. I would not miss it! I am eternally grateful for Tracey, Arial, Sura, and Steven for allowing this mission trip to be one of my most precious treasures in my life! They are all true gifts in my life and I am incredibly thankful for our deep-rooted connections. Share, love, give, and be willing to receive the abundance of life!  

One Love, Dr. Cheryl Graham, DC <3


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This special journey to Jamaica was life changing. Since I was a teen I have wanted to travel there for the music, the people and the experience, never seeing chiropractic in the mix. I chose to go on this trip because the energy created around it by Dr. Tracey was inviting and loving. To give and serve up chiropractic in a way I plan on doing so in practice in a paradise like environment, with other amazing students and docs who are on a similar path to a community who was so open to receiving our gifts was pure magic.

Needless to say, I came to Jamaica with an open heart. But I also came as a recent graduate, completely exhausted and burnt out from over 3 years of school and interning in clinic. The relaxation, self-care component was exactly what I needed. I had no idea how much fun we would have just being present with each other and how much more my heart would burst open! It was blasted beyond its limits by the gratitude and pure love coming from Dr. Tracey as well as the people we served. Each day she had an activity for us to do to care for ourself; yoga, meditations with essential oils, intention setting, silent walks to the beach, spa cleansing and tons of coconut water!! The hotel resort we stayed at was artistic and amazing!

Because we were in the small community of Treasure Beach, I was able to provide care for some of the same people throughout the week and to see people open up to chiropractic, something most were unfamiliar with and transform right before my eyes was totally exciting. It was an invaluable experience as a new chiropractor to give my skill freely and witness healing on such an elevated level with out money exchange. It gave me a new perspective about being in practice. Having the opportunity to adjust hundreds of people ranging from 92 to 3 years old was also invaluable. My experience and increased skills are coming through in my work since I’ve returned.

I am so looking forward to the next Globalivity service trip to Jamaica!! See yu deh!!


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The Globalivity mission trip to Jamaica was one of the best experiences of my life.  I went on the trip a week after I graduated from Chiropractic school.  Going to Chiropractic school was the most challenging experience of my life.  The long hours, the endless exams and the very medical and mechanical view of Chiropractic left my once inspired heart battered and bruised.  My “yes” to go on this trip was so strong and clear that I knew something truly special was in store for me.  However, this trip so far exceeded any expectations I had.  In only one week with Dr. Tracey, I literally felt as if fours years of stress had suddenly melted away and my love, passion and trust in Chiropractic was once again ignited. My humanitarian spirit was truly birthed in Jamaica.

Arno Burnier would often say that if you dedicate your life to service and Chiropractic, your life would be an endless vacation.  This trip truly gave me a deep understanding of what he meant.  After doing this trip, I realized this is the only way I want to travel.  Getting imbedded into the communities and serving was so much more fun and rewarding than any vacation I had ever been on.  Serving the people of Jamaica was incredibly fulfilling, inspiring and ignited a deeper passion and purpose that in the end I would have to say the people of Jamaica truly served me.

Jamaicans are warm, loving, polite, and very gracious.  They love to laugh, dance and have fun.  However, although they don’t show it, their spines reveal their stories of abuse, hard work, struggle, defense and poverty.  You would never know it by their light hearted and sweet demeanor though.  The amount of stress in the spines of young children was more stress than I had felt in very sick adults. It was the children that really captured my heart and that truly made me feel a commitment to come back and continue to serve through mission work

Lively up yourself! Jamaicans seem to understand Chiropractic more than Americans.  One fisherman was explaining it to a friend telling him “Chiropractors aren’t doing massage they are working with the bones and the energy and allowing people to free themselves up.  Relax, man, they will help you.”

Jamaica is beautiful.  The winding roads, the lush hills, the crystal clear waters and us in a car listening to reggae with a purpose so big that we were just so excited to reach as many people as possible.  One of the best gifts Jamaica gave me was the ability to be part of and witness how easily a community can be created.  During school, I remember the advice one Chiropractor gave our class, he said, “don’t build a practice, build a community.”  Well, in Jamaica we did just that.  We had 5 Chiropractors, 5 tables and in one week we built a community of loving people that would come together to heal, grow and share.  It was wild. We had regulars.  People came every day and brought more people with them.

Before our first day of adjusting, we walked house to house, explaining what Chiropractic is and inviting people and their families to get adjusted.  The first night we began and the first person to get on my table announced to the place “this isn’t going to help me.”  I remember thinking “oh great, this guy is getting on my table.”  That thought (not the highest and best) was quickly replaced in my mind with the words of one of my teachers, Eric Rubin, that told our class that he prays everyday that his limitations of how much a person can be healed are removed.  After I adjusted this man, he became our little referral angel calling all his friends and family to come and get adjusted.  It was a great experience and one I will surely never forget.

Another woman with rheumatoid arthritis came on the table.  Her wrist was fused with her hand and she was in a lot of pain.  I called over Dr. Tracey and asked what I should do.  Her answer was the same answer for every time I asked a question.  Check her and adjust.  Ha! It was as if in this one moment I could finally shed all the programming and fear of the school’s clinical setting to restrict care because of a diagnosis. This woman came every day and the last day she shared that for the first time in many months, she can now write again.  It was an important lesson for me.

The next day people came with music, drinks, fruit and even more friends and family.  This quiet town suddenly was buzzing as people had a place where they could gather and get adjusted.  It was beautiful.

I would have to say the biggest gift of all the gifts of Jamaica, was adjusting children.  I had never adjusted kids before and in Jamaica I found myself working mostly with kids.  It was a really big deal for me.  I am now clear that I want to dedicate my career to specializing with children and making the difference through chiropractic from a young age.

I learned so much from Dr. Tracey about trusting, creating and connecting with the spirit of life.  She indulged us with powerful healings, beautifully led yoga classes, classes on awakening the senses, richly luscious foods, pure coconut water, green smoothies, and time with nature. She left no stone unturned for our benefit to truly connect with life.  She went out of her way to make sure we had the best of everything to even teaching the chefs how to prepare healthy dishes for us. Dr. Tracey is like no other.  She is warm, funny and very passionate about serving people.  She embodies the Chiropractic spirit in everything she does.

After the mission trip was over, I spent a few hours in Montego Bay before my flight left.  I was surrounded my tourists and pushy Jamaicans.  I realized that as a normal traveler on vacation, this is the Jamaica I would have experienced. I then realized how important Dr. Tracey was to unlocking the true heart of Jamaica where the life and spirit of the people are. Dr. Tracey is very loved and trusted in Jamaica and because of her, our tribe of Chiropractors were able to have a much deeper experience of the culture and the people.  Dr. Tracey’s perseverance, courage, and dedication in making this trip powerfully transforming and awakening allowed us to show up in the true Chiropractic spirit and serve in a big, beautiful and life changing way.  None of us will ever be the same the again.

I would recommend this trip to any Chiropractor that is truly looking for an opportunity to connect and serve in a very principled and sacred way.  Dr. Tracey is a powerful Chiropractor that truly creates an experience of self-love and service.  The entire trip I felt complete abundance of being taken care of and having the opportunity to serve.  The trip was magical in every sense of the word.  Dr. Tracey truly embraced us, nurtured us and helped us create a powerful field to heal, connect and serve.  I can only imagine that all mission trips are rewarding.  However, this mission trip was extra special because of Dr. Tracey’s love and care for us.  If you have any part of you that is telling you to go on a trip with her, I would say do it!  It was the best experience of my life.  Thank you, Dr. Tracey!!! I have so much gratitude and love for you and your beautiful mission.  Thank you for allowing me to be part of it and I look forward to many more trips in the future.  BIG LOVE & GRATITUDE!!!!

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Hi good Night Globalivity..I’m not feeling any pain only some of my fingers don’t seems to have much strength in them and was wondering if I could get some help please.. When will you be back in Jamaica???


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