Lessons from Wanderlust – Advice from the experts for your everyday life

by Dr Tracey on July 10, 2014

Lessons from Wanderlust – Advice from the experts for your everyday life

(N) an irresistible desire to travel, practice yoga, eat well, be free, appreciate art & create community around mindful living

When I first heard the word “Wanderlust,” I was in my early twenties, just out of chiropractic school, dreaming about life, yoga, traveling the world, and improving people’s lives.  There was an older gentleman that a friend and I worked with- I served him chiropractic and she taught him yoga and gave him private Thai massage in his home. As we would share with him the dreams we had for our lives, he would comment ” you girls are just wanderlusters.” At the time, I thought, wow he must really think we are flaky dreamers.

honest teaNow, years later, I am more than thrilled to call myself a “Wanderluster.” This year was the fourth year I have been blessed to attend the Wanderlust festival. Each year has been a different experience for me, yet each year I leave thinking, “Wow, what a manifestation that festival is! And how awesome it is that so many people are being exposed to yoga, community, and mindful living all over the world.”

Wanderlust founders Jeff Krasno and Sean Hoess are truly visionaries  manifesting their dreams to create community around mindful living. What was once a blossoming concept has become a series of the world’s largest global yoga and wellness festivals. They have attracted global teachers and speakers  who also share the message of wellness, community, mindful living, and manifestation.

This year, I took fewer classes and listened more. I really took time to observe just how magnificent this event is and was guided to some beautiful teachers sharing important messages about health, wellness, community, sustainability, and mindful living. I could probably write a book quoting all of the notable gems, but I thought for the purpose of this post, I’d focus on something I am super passionate about….self-care and manifestation!

Wanderlust attracts lovely, healthy, people of all shapes and sizes. It is a beautiful environment that welcomes people who have committed to coming to the festival to shift- all it takes is to commit and get into your body. The festival offers space for self-growth and an environment where you can trust.

Some beautiful messages about nurturing ourselves in order to heal, clearing the clutter, discovering our light, and sharing it with the world were shared throughout the weekend by various teachers.



1. “Be the light- it’s our job to find ways to access our light and BE it in a bright and beautiful way!”
– Gabrielle Bernstein

The world deserves us sharing our brightest selves. The Wanderlust festival offers multiple opportunities to drop into and connect to our light from within. With thousands of people in attendance at each festival offered globally, that’s a lot of lights shining brightly!

i love2. “Your divine purpose- discover what it is and step into your bigness.”
– Gabrielle Bernstein

Each of us has a gift to share with the world that is as unique as you are. When you take time to go within, connect with and discover your light, it becomes clear what your divine purpose is. And when you discover it, go big! Share it Big! The world is ready for you to be your big self!

3. “There is big importance to dealing with your stuff- In order to go out, you have to go in.”
– Elena Brower

We all have it. Stuff. The stuff that is within us that stands in the way of us living our divine purpose, sharing our light, and stepping into our bigness. In order to shine our light big into the world, it’s necessary to take a journey inside; to heal, to grow, to let go, to reconnect, and to essentially realign with the essence of who you are…..your Spirit.

4. “Dealing with your stuff is not always a comfortable process.”
-Seane Corn

Need I say more. No, but really, it’s so important! And, if you journey into the depths of your being in order to heal, it will be quite uncomfortable. But, the light of who you are will begin to shine and a new level of your existence will begin to emerge. You will begin to take deeper breathes, smile more, and become more in tune with your gifts, your purpose, and passions.

5. “With yoga, it’s you, your mat, your breathe, and all the crazy thoughts inside your head.”
-Seane Corn

do what you loveWe all have them. Crazy thoughts. The negative ones; the fear based thoughts that really sabotage us from being able to connect to our light, trust life, and share our gifts with the world. Yoga helps to quiet the mind so that we can connect with our hearts. It truly is a time to be with oneself, on the mat, in observance if the mind. It’s an opportunity to discover from within. It is through this journey that thousands all over the world are discovering their inner guidance and being propelled forward to live the life of their dreams because they are finally able to listen to their hearts.

6. “We cannot open our hearts without getting into our bodies and we can’t get into our bodies without being truly vulnerable.”
-Elena Brower

True! Going inside to the core of our being requires that we feel, acknowledge, and release. As we let go, and peel the layers that interfere with our truest nature, our hearts begin to open. And as our hearts open, our lights shine. And as our lights shine, the world becomes a brighter place.

7. “Disconnect from virtual community and connect to the community at festival.”
– Founders of Wanderlust

Open hearts allow for such lovely, genuine, human to human connections. Spending an entire 4 days at the Wanderlust festival allows for an opportunity to connect with a fantastic community of people from around the world. Having real life interactions with like-minded individuals gives us permission to truly share who we are while also remaining open to discover. It is so exciting  to see and meet the people who are in alignment with creating community around mindful living.

8. “It’s time for elevated existence!”
–  Founders of Wanderlust

Woo hoo! Living from our authentic, highest vibration is awesome! And the more people who say “yes” to living their full potential, the greater positive impact we will have on the earth. The time is now! Standing in our power is a gift to the world.

find your true north9. “Find your true north!”
– Founders of Wanderlust

“Find your true north” is another way of saying it’s time for “elevated existence.” It is the tag line/motto if the Wanderlust festival. The vision is that each and everyone of us goes within, opens our heart, discover our purpose, shares our gifts with the world and live our best life possible! This will have a tremendous effect on ourselves, our community, our country, and the planet. It’s big, and it’s time!

10. “Bring the inspiration that you get here into your everyday life.”
– Founders of Wanderlust

All of the goodness, wisdom, lifestyle gems, and offerings that are experienced at Wanderlust globally, are pieces of inspiration that can be practiced and experienced daily a home. Finding your “true north” is a process. But, the more you go within and listen to your hearts desires, the more you begin living in ways that are aligned with your dreams. Pretty soon, you will realize that all of the self-care, all of the uncomfortable journeying deep within will lead you to live the life of your dreams.

With Wanderlust,

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