Your Luxe Lifestyle Mentorship

Dear busy, go-getting woman who’s changing the world,

Do you wish the rest of your life was going as well as your career?  Do you feel on FIRE in certain areas, while others are lackluster? Are you ready to finally have the complete life you’ve been dreaming of?

Years ago, fresh out of chiropractic school, I was worn down, overweight, and simply exhausted. My career was taking off, but the rest of me was quickly getting left behind. I knew this wasn’t the way to live, although I couldn’t see a solution. I was a freshly minted doctor, excited about devoting my life to healing and helping others, who couldn’t even take care of herself.

Something had to give.

IMG_3501A friend gave me the opportunity to travel to Jamaica and it was there that I discovered the missing pieces. The lush environment, clean supercharged foods, and the spirit of the people sparked something in me that I forgot was there. I began to wake up, rejuvenated by all that I was experiencing.

Everything I’ve wanted for life and business finally began to fall into place in that beautiful country. I’ve since manifested the life I once questioned was possible.

  • I broke out of the office environment and followed my heart to travel with my business, helping clients internationally who desire chiropractic care, yoga, and cleanses in their homes.
  • I lived in Maui for four years where I built a thriving family chiropractic business and lived in my dream home, despite not knowing anyone on the island when I moved there.
  • I created a luxe lifestyle that has included first class airline tickets, backstage passes to multiple concerts, a private jet ride to Colorado, shopping sprees, and all expenses paid vacations.
  • I am sharing my love of chiropractic with a wide variety of populations, showing the difference it can make in people’s lives, serving those who otherwise would not receive care, and creating experiences for others to join me on this mission.
  • I feel good about who I am on a daily basis. My body, health, and mind are strong. I feel vibrant knowing that my luxe is well taken care of.

Some people describe these experiences as unbelievable and there was a time where I would have too.

But I made my intentions clear and then watched as they came alive.

You can manifest that which you long for too.

There are several things I’ve discovered on my own path to my luxe life and manifestation that I want to share with you.

  1. I learned that chiropractic is about so much more than alignment in your body. When I adjust clients, it’s to align the spine so that your life force and nervous system are in optimal communication and expression. Naturally, this alignment affects other areas of our lives, not just our bodies, positively as well.
  2. I healed by adopting a diet of clean, vibrant foods that support my body on a cellular level. Eating well wasn’t just about trying to lose weight after the stress of becoming a doctor. As my body healed, so did my spirit.
  3. I discovered environmental cure is real. I woke up in Jamaica in a way I hadn’t previously experienced in my life. Since my first trip, I’ve made it a point to revisit every year to revitalize the part of me that is touched by these luxe surroundings. Jamaica led me to Maui for four years where I saw my visions quickly come to life. We all have that certain environment that wakes us up and taps into our radiance.
  4. Once I committed myself to daily self-care rituals, I began to manifest my desires. Self-care is absolutely vital to the manifestation process. It isn’t about being a diva or being selfish. It is a necessary ingredient in making the life you want.
  5. My body is my best tool to lead me to the life I desire. How I treat my body is reflected back to me in every area of my life. Being clear and connected got rid of the cobwebs and allowed me to see my life, desires, and inner knowing clearly so that I could take action.

I take a stand for women everywhere to reignite their luxe and claim their lives, just as I did.

When you reconnect with your inner source, you manifest your biggest dreams.

296316_10152096324745641_1929500211_n-1So how do you connect with your inner source?

You align your body, health, and mind.
You learn to heal.
You clear away the cobwebs.
You use self-care to activate the path of manifesting and tap into your intuition.
You learn what it means to finally be clean, be clear, be connected, and be you.

Are you ready to learn?

This is your opportunity to reach alignment, heal, and manifest your life.

I work one-on-one with women who are lighting up this world with their talents and are ready to reclaim their own inner light.

By joining me for a 6 month Private Mentorship you will:

  • Transform your relationship to your body, health, and life
  • Pinpoint exactly what isn’t working and the gaps in your current way of being
  • Receive a personally designed plan that addresses your needs
  • Identify and stop the repeating patterns which are keeping you stuck, unhealthy, and slowly extinguishing your vibrancy and light
  • Establish new patterns specifically designed to ensure your health and keep you excited about your body, health, and overall life
  • Transform your vibration and ability to manifest your innermost desires
  • Discover what your body, mind, and spirit need to be nurtured, fulfilled, and reach its highest potential
  • Receive tools for ultimate self-care that are attainable and easily achievable despite your busy life and hectic schedule
  • Learn my biggest trick for manifesting the life you desire
  • Discover the life you’ve always imagined and take responsibility for creating the life you want

It’s a plan, it’s support, and it’s all customized exclusively to you and your life. I’ve created this opportunity so you’ll receive support and coaching to build your body, health, and life in a way that is uniquely nourishing to you.

You’ll learn how to be clean, be clear, be connected, and be you – the basis for all manifesting success.

We will explore your life and create your own luxe lifestyle. Receive mentoring that will open you up to a whole new way of being and big breakthroughs that extend to every area of your life.

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