Surrender at Wanderlust: 10 ways to listen to your body when your heart yearns for something else

by Dr Tracey on June 27, 2014

Surrender at Wanderlust: 10 ways to listen to your body when your heart yearns for something else

behind the scenes


I just returned from my 4th year of attending The Wanderlust festival. The last three years I was hired by another company to be a guest blogger while enjoying yoga, nature, dancing, and conscious-community galore.

This year, I was super excited to be attending and blogging as myself, Dr. Tracey from Globalivity.

Weeks in advance I sat down with my friend, Sarah, and we planned our schedules, from morning to night. We packed them full with yoga, hikes, meditation classes, dance classes, speakeasy talks, and anything that we knew would make our hearts sing!

Taking the trip from Jamaica, I also hoped that while home for Wanderlust, I would be blessed by the grand appearance of my sister’s new baby.

Well, I am writing this from the plane en route back home to Jamaica.

No baby.

And life had a different plan for me at Wanderlust, which I really want to share with you on this post.
As you know, if you follow Globalivity, my favorite meaning of the word “Livity” is “loving others in the ways in which we love ourselves.”

And let me tell you, this journey home and to Wanderlust was an opportunity to more deeply love for and care for myself so that I can care for others.

Now, I gave up using the word “sick” years ago because I feel that it carries with it a low vibration, and I feel that if a healthy individual is going through a healing process and experiencing symptoms, it just feels nicer to say they are on a “healing process” or “symptomatic.”

Well, I had an extremely “symptomatic” journey home for almost the entire two weeks I was there.

Without going into all of the details, let’s just say that I knew from day one that this was going to be an opportunity to go within, heal, and trust that the
power of my body had a purpose for its high fever, chills, aches, and tears.

After about a week of experiencing such symptoms, it was time for Wanderlust. I was feeling “okay,” “a little better,” and “like the positive vibes at Wanderlust were going to play a huge role in me getting better.”

Clearly, these were some of the self-talk messages I gave myself to grant myself permission to adhere to my plans.

Tracey swingI tried to tell myself that all was well and peeled myself off of my beloved Biomat (which came to Wanderlust with me) to drive four hours to Vermont. Upon arriving, I could see Sarah’s excitement to experience the magic of such a creative and sacred journey. I, on the other hand was wondering how I would even muster the energy to even take a class or interview the teachers I had promised myself I was going to speak to before leaving.

After realizing that my plans and the Universe’s plans for me weren’t in alignment, I surrendered to the fact that I needed more time to heal and I wouldn’t be enjoying yoga classes at Wanderlust this year (I did attempt to go to one and made it almost half way).

I see so many people pushing their bodies to “hurry up” and get better, “hurry up” to have a baby, or “hurry up” to change. But, the truth is that there is a Divine and Intelligent timing to life, and especially to your body’s biological timing for healing.

I find it easy to share this message with patients and my coaching clients, yet during these past two weeks I had to really be kind and patient with myself.

I’ve put together a list of how I listened to my body even when my heart was telling me it wanted to experience something else.

So, here it goes:
1. Trust the process!
And, the timing of the process. I really trust that everyone’s body is super smart and knows what it’s doing even when it is in crisis and feeling uncomfortable. This helps to ride the waves of the ups, downs, and unknowns.

2. Surrender to your body’s needs
Listen to its messages. Does it need to eat, drink, be quiet, sleep? And don’t hold back from asking others for help.

3. Turn off technology
Disconnect to reconnect. This will allow you to go inward, silence your mind, and turn off any external distractions so your body can put its energy where it needs to.

4. Chiropractic
Getting adjusted as frequently as possible allows for a clear and optimal nervous system (whether you are going through a healing process or just in your day to day life). I’ve got to send a big shout out to Dr. Katina and Dr. Sura for caring for me so beautifully during these past 2 weeks!

4. Hydration
Big time!!!! Water, fresh juices, teas, broths. I recommend organic, fresh, and natural. And lots of it! Especially if your body doesn’t feel for food and if you are sweeting from fever.

5. Sleep
So much healing happens when we are sleeping. Many of you know that I choose to sleep on an Amethyst Crystal Biomat. The far infrared is super supportive in the detoxification process and the negative ions are so calming to the nervous system.

6. Get emotional
Allow yourself to experience whatever emotions you need to. Boy did I shed some tears over the past couple of weeks. And sometimes felt a lot of frustration and anger. These were the moments when I had to jump back to #1, “trust the process.” But, it is so important to be in touch with whatever emotions come up so that they can move through.

7. Step outside for fresh air and sunshine
Vitamin D, baby! Super important for the immune system, and just feels so good, especially now that it’s summertime in the U.S.

8. Explore other support
Homeopathy, acupuncture, supplements, and whatever natural forms of healthy support is available to you. These are my favorite ways to support myself. I believe that natural means of healthcare and healing is the most honoring way to support the body. It comes with few side effects and in my experience has really been very effective over the years. Trust me when I tell you, I tried everything I knew of during the past few weeks. But……..

9. Be open for support that you may not normally say “yes” to
This was the “biggie” for me during this experience. I tend to have my holistic ways. I like my ways and have been very closed off to western medicine. As a matter of fact, I haven’t had any western medicine in my system for over 20 years. And, I like it this way. And thankfully, I haven’t had any emergencies or required any assistance in this fashion.

After day 12 of fevers, chills, and a real obvious knowing from within that something clearly wasn’t right, I surrendered outside of my comfort zone. I chose to be flexible in an area where I am usually extremely rigid and resistant, and decided to be open to some support via western medicine. I chose to see the antibiotic as an energetic form of assistance with superpowers that I needed. I have continued everything else that I was doing in addition. And, yes, I am on the rise. Feeling more energy, stronger, less feverish, and like I have turned a corner. I have loaded up on probiotics to assure that the flora of my digestive system stays in balance.

10. Keep a journal nearby
Healing journeys are often times of Spiritual cleansing as well. They are a shedding of what no longer serves, a time to go within, a time where dreams present themselves, and a time when huge clarity and a renewed sense of life are often the outcome.

Having a journal to write down any “aha” moments will be great for reflection afterwards. And, you know how much I love manifesting! I have seen (both for myself and clients of mine) massive life shifts and manifestations occur after they have been asked to surrender to the internal journey of healing.

Much love to all of you.

Happy summer!




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Drew Lench June 28, 2014 at 12:32 pm

Great information though one more addition to the list…………
* trust that when all else fails and you resort to western medicine, your body has NOT failed you. 🙂 There can be no belief in failure, rather in power to know when enough is enough


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