The Caribbean Cleanse

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Experience the yoga retreat and catered cleanse specifically designed to support the healing and revitalization of your body, mind, and spirit. 

…beautifully delivered to you in the Caribbean

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Feel alive in your body, free from obligations, and revived by the watercolor beauty of Jamaica and the Caribbean. 

The Caribbean Cleanse is specifically designed to support you in reawakening and connecting with your body, mind, and spirit. 

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Your luxe retreat

Full week $2505 (shared room)
Full week $2805 (private room)
Payment plan available

Highland House, Jamaica
April 8th – 15th, 2017

ONLY 2 spots 


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DSC_2118Hi, I’m Dr. Tracey Wright.

For years, the Caribbean has been a place that I go to rejuvenate my body, mind, and spirit. This 7-day retreat is a comprehensive healing experience and the ultimate compilation of a luxury cleanse. It synthesizes my experience as a chiropractor, certified yoga instructor, and whole life holistic coach.

My years of visiting the Caribbean and living on Maui have led me to the healing potential of tropical superfoods, combined with the elements of nature and daily rituals. 

My study and practice of Chiropractic led me to know and understand the healing potential of the body.

My love for food and nature and the combination of all 3 led me to create the elements of The Caribbean Cleanse which are powerful, transformational, and undeniably life changing.

Through my own healing experience in the Caribbean as well as witnessing its effects on others, I know the powerful changes that can happen here.

T coconut and flowerI invite you to join me for your own healing and revitalization.  

Experience a deeper connection and healing in the luxurious surroundings of the Caribbean.

You will receive –

  • A full week of relaxation, nourishment, and discovery
  • Tracy arms openComplete revitalization from the inside out
  • Nourishment on a cellular and soul level to alkalize your body 
  • Connection to your body, your health, and your overall life
  • A comprehensive experience designed to reignite your “luxe” self- your lighter, brighter, radiant, healthier version of yourself
  • Education on maintaining these practices daily in your everyday life
  • The support to meet yourself where you are and journey into yourself in a new
  • The ultimate luxurious experience of having all of your needs met

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 Gail CC Testimonial

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a luxe retreat and cleanse

Luxe is a light, an inner glow, the radiance within you that shines out to the world.

Luxe is a healthy, energized body that is strong, flexible, and vibrant.

Luxe is experienced through a clear nervous system, healthy immune system, better sleep, a happier well-rounded life.

Luxe is ultimate self-care.

Luxe is YOU when you are physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually balanced.

When is the last time you experienced your Luxe, or your light FULLY?

Give yourself the ultimate in luxe. 


Luxe nourishment – Tracey - collage for CC
Designed to super-charge your cells and leave you feeling nourished and light 

  • Three high-vibrational, cleansing, Caribbean inspired vegetarian meals a day
  • Fresh organic juices and Superfoods
  • Stay hydrated with an abundance of coconut water to sip on throughout the day.
  • Superfoods, local herbs, and elixirs 

Luxe movement –
Designed to rejuvenate your body and reconnect to yourself on a deeper level

  • Two yoga classes a day
  • Gentle chiropractic care throughout the week
  • Daily detoxifying amethyst crystal biomat sessions
  • Daily self-care workshops
  • Daily swims/soaks in the Caribbean Sea

Luxe surroundings –
Designed to bring relaxation, tranquility, and peace of mind

  • Supportive environment for deep inner cleansing and transformation
  • Group interaction and personal, quiet time
  • Surrounded by nature and the Caribbean sea 
  • Accommodations in a beautiful intimate yet spacious villa 


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 Lauren CC testimonial


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