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Hello beautiful,

As you go about another day, do you find yourself:

Feeling like something is missing from within?

Wondering where all of the excitement and passion you used to feel disappeared to?

Feeling disappointed about the lackluster state of your health and grieving for the vibrant woman you’ve lost along the way?

Wishing you could make those big dreams happen, but feeling constricted by your current life and day-to-day way of being?


Tracey and flowerHello, I’m Dr. Tracey Wright.

Using my background and education in chiropractic, self-care, yoga, nutrition, world travel, and radical manifesting, I help clients reconnect with their inner source to manifest their biggest dreams. I show them how self-care clears away the cobwebs, activating the path of manifesting and tapping into their intuition.

The women I work with learn to align all areas of their life and activate their light within. The light within that we all possess, but that’s been diminished from ignoring our true desires. This light is still there, even if you’re having a hard time seeing it. It’s there and it’s waiting for you. I help you find it and give you the tools you need to ensure it never dims again.

This is what I call ” the luxe life.” It’s a lifestyle full of healing, transformation, radiance, and a daily life that is anything but ordinary. It’s alignment for your life.

It’s how to be clean, be clear, be connected, and be you.

Are you ready to live a vibrant life full of greater health, vitality, alignment, and luxe?

I look forward to the journey,

Dr. Tracey


 Alignment and luxe starts here. Choose your level of support and need.



Are you looking for long-term help and support on your journey to completely revitalize every area of your life?

The Private six month Your Luxe Lifestyle Mentorship will provide the time and support you need to bring your life into alignment, get connected to the true you, and see your manifestations appear.


livity_logoWould you like a supercharged day with one-on-one attention to get you back on track or focus on a specific area of struggle in your life?

The VIP Lifestyle Revitalization Day in your own home or a luxe location is designed to address your specific needs, reset your focus, and leave you with the tools needed to maintain your daily luxe.


livity_logoDo you desire to get away from it all in a luxe environment that will support your every need and leave you totally revitalized?

The Caribbean Cleanse is a 7 day yoga retreat and catered cleanse that provides luxe nourishment, luxe movement, and luxe surroundings. It’s the ultimate compilation of a luxury cleanse and a truly comprehensive healing experience.


livity_logoAre you looking for an educated and exciting speaker for your group or at your next event?

I love to share my knowledge of chiropractic, women’s health, nutrition, and various health topics at private and corporate Speaking Engagements.


livity_logoAre you a chiropractor or chiropractic student who has a big desire to serve humanity, but are also in need of a vacation and recharge for yourself?

The Globalivity Self-Care and Service Retreat is designed with you in mind. It’s an opportunity to spread your knowledge and healing to underserved populations, while supporting your own revitalization in a luxe location.


livity_logoAre you interested in private individualized yoga or chiropractic care?

House calls are the perfect way to fit self care into your busy day or vacation.



Be Clean. Be Clear.  Be Connected. Be You.

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