Globalivity Lifestyle Vitalization

Are you ready to discover the life and wellbeing you want, and to take the steps to make that vision a reality? Go on retreat in the comfort of your home, your villa rental, or your boat. Vitalize yourself and your lifestyle with personalized in-home or virtual programs for you and your family!

I offer private or group Lifestyle Vitalization programs that are personally designed and can include:

• Complete Nutritional Makeover and Catered Cleansing Programs
• Kitchen Makeover & Delicious and Vital Organic Recipes
• Visualizing, Manifesting, and Self-Love Practices for Optimal Wellbeing
• Educational Self-care Materials and Product Selection Support
• Chiropractic, Yoga, Massage, Skincare, and Whole Body Care

Whether you need a 2-day or 6-week long Vitalization program, I can offer ongoing support and private consultation to help you bring greater vibrancy into your lifestyle, regardless of where you are in the world. Even better, I’ll help you synthesize these changes into your status quo, making your Vitalization retreat last as long as you like.

I would LOVE to be your partner in revitalizing your kitchen, your body, and your life, helping you set long-term goals for fulfillment.

Prices vary depending on individual and/or group needs and length of program. Please contact me to apply with your request and we can begin designing your personalized Globalivity Lifestyle Vitalization.